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Our Apartment is located in an eighteenth century stone farmhouse in the very heart of the Langhe hills of Asti. While the Langhe of Alba are characterized by vineyards and the "Alte Langhe" (high Langhe) are fairly wild and covered by woodlands, the landscape of the Langhe of Asti is varied and in perfect balance: you will find great harmony between vineyards, woodlands and pastures, unspoilt nature and well tended farmlands.

Wide spaces, breathtaking views, gullies, medieval towers from which, on clear days, the Mediterranean can be seen in the distance, hill ridges from which you can admire most of the western Alps, with the Pianura Padana (the Po plain) at your feet.

The grassland are rich in aromatic herbs grazed by sheep and goats whose milk is used to produce the Robiola di Roccaverano, a local, rare cheese, of ancient origins, protected by law. The stone farmhouses, the dry stones walls and the long hilly ridges make the landscape unique. Roads, lanes and paths will lead you to the very heart of this area.

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Apartment La Luna Buona, di Olivia Fresia • Reg. Lavezzato 4, 14059 Vesime (At) • C.F. FRSLVO74A47B573S