The farm house - apartment - La Luna Buona

Our arched and stonewalled farmhouse dates back to 1700.
During the restoration, which preserved the original materials and proportions, we found in the walls some stones with dates witnessing its eighteenth century origin.

In the heart of the Langhe a treasure from times past

The house lies at an altitude of 350 mt, in the very heart of the Langhe hills and it is surrounded by the pastures of our organic farm, vineyards and ancient trees. The courtyard is a lawn surrounded by the farm building and protected by an ancient stone wall with a well in the corner. When the weather is fine these outdoor spaces will allow you to enjoy fully the atmosphere of this corner of the hills, while the cosy indoor spaces, with their timeless charm will make you feel comfortable at any time.

In the old stone walled stable, which is now the breakfast room, the ceiling is vaulted and made of bricks, while in the hall with fireplace the roof is supported by an incredible criss-cross of ancient oak rafters.

Enjoy the simple beauty and charm of the house and be ready for relaxation, excursions, trekking, gourmet experiences: they are within easy reach in this area of the Langhe hills.

apartment La Luna Buona - Vesime (At)

Apartment La Luna Buona, di Olivia Fresia • Reg. Lavezzato 4, 14059 Vesime (At) • C.F. FRSLVO74A47B573S